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Men have needs.....PRIMAL needs...! [Dec. 20th, 2008|04:56 pm]
Game Chronicle

There's something missing in my life. Something important. Its the feel of dice in my hand, the smell of testosterone, chips, and Mountain Dew. We must continue this. All hail Mournland!

In addition, I will begin writing Warhammer stories as of this week. Yes, its finally coming. And so am I.
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Recap [Oct. 30th, 2008|05:13 pm]
Game Chronicle

so i totally had a sweet recap from the eyes of my character, only to accidentally leave the screen and find everything fucking vanished when i came back to it. so heres a fucking condensed version. we put down a mob started by Anders, who was high, and found a Kaarn out in the graveyard. after questioning him, we went to the sleeper cell when a changeling assassin disguised as a warforged stuck a poison knife in our guide. the assassin got away, and we rushed to the cell HQ. we fought a long battle with the forces therin, culminating in a battle with a wight and a follower of the Blood of Vol. upon slaying the follower, she said " you're to late now" implying that the camp was in danger. then i dropped my briches and brandished my pulsing elven meat scimitar, turning everyone to stone with my cum. the end.
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The Warforged [Oct. 26th, 2008|08:20 pm]
Game Chronicle

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The warforged of this campaign are considerably different from the living constructs typically portrayed in the setting.

These are creatures created from a forge that are literally manufactured, have a small vocabulary and who's sole purpose is to follow orders given as one of 32 possible commands. They require no sleep, food, or even air to survive. More importantly, they don't die, they can only be disabled, or damaged beyond repair.

The warforged have been around the last 80 years or so.

House Cannith is responsible for the creation, sale and maintenance of the warforged.
The one forge that House Cannith created was in Cyre. It's current status is unknown, but belived to be functional due to forgespeak still functioning.

Warforged can communicate, (or relay) orders to one another without using verbal communication. This forgespeak has a range of 25-50 miles. Forgespeak has a central hub of communication located in the forge. It is used to also update the vocabulary and knowledge of every warforged on the continent.

Warforged have an apparent adaptive learning mechanism, this keeps them from falling for the same mistakes twice. Their forgespeak knowledge is sent to the hub every time a unit is disabled or deactivated for backup. A stack of commands are also stored in the warforged's brain for review by House Cannith or military review.

Other functionality can be added to a warforged with external add-on modules worn by the unit.

Every one of the five nations of Galifar has warforged fighting units. They started becoming a strategic necessity as the last war raged on due to massive casualties on all sides of the conflict. Some weathy individuals own a unit or two for protection or manual labor.

AUTHOR'S NOTE/EDIT: You'll have to forgive the grammar of this post, I typed it up on the eee and it has a rather small keyboard that I'm still getting accustomed to.
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Another Point of View, session one [Oct. 26th, 2008|12:55 am]
Game Chronicle

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Private Magus Tolliver Leobin, Journal

Day 323, 22 Post-Mourn:

Anders got out of control today, moondust was the catalyst--

Not that Private Anders was a model soldier to begin with--

The lieutenant, and a couple visitors, subdued him after he started a riot. Thank the Host that they were helpful. Anders evidently called the hobgoblin a "red slit-eye bastard" amongst other things. The Tairndal that was there seemed like he was more occupied with getting a feel for the place and the warband's assignment.

Being Cyrian, I natually don't trust them, the Valenar Elves---

After what they did---

I take that back.

You can trust them as long as you have coin in hand.

The hobgoblin had to be the cleanest one I've ever seen, civil as well, especially for one with Denneth papers.

Conscript life gives you a strange sort of jealousy for mercenaries.

I mean, at least they are getting paid, right?


The bastard---

The lieutenant "questioned" the mutinous slime after subduing him. Held his face to a fire to make him talk. Talk he did, and then he burned.

Some people question the lieutenant's command techniques. Personally, I find the man to be a stern but civil leader. You will find no one who loves Cyre more than this man. Yes, he is intimidating. Yes, he is brutal. Yes, he expects the most of his men even after the destruction of their nation. I find that if he is approached with respect for both him and nation, he is most agreeable. Dissenting opinion, when I have the notion, are calmly and formally stated, most of the time his word stands as law.

There is still something about him-- The night of that raid a month and a half ago--

I'd rather not speculate.

Anders gave up Gerald as his supplier for the moondust. The damn stuff is all over the camp; five confiscations in the time I searched for the dalkyrsucker. He must have jumped camp the night before.

I'm getting called back to the command tent right now, apparently the Tairndal found a Karrn in the graveyard.

That's just what we need right now, fucking Karrns.
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TEST [Oct. 25th, 2008|05:32 pm]
Game Chronicle

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Test, Test, THIS IS ONLY A TE----

Okay, join up, bitches.

Rumor pages, and perhaps an article or two of the SHARN INQUISITIVE up soon.

Someone put up a recap before I do(extra XP, I promise).

You are encouraged to put up little bits and pieces about backstory, or even your character's point of view on events occuring in the game. This thing is here to enhance YOUR games, not just this one that I'm running. Just make sure to use tags to denote what game or session you're talking about.

I'll throw up XP Calculations the day after a session, rumors two or three days before a game that starts in a populated area, at least that's the plan.
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